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Equality is not a yes or no question.

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Raphael Martin is a local blacksmith from Parker, Colorado. After graduating from Colorado Early Colleges Parker, Raphael explored trade school and found a proficiency and love in metalworking. During his 15 years as a machinist and welder, Raphael learned to work with purpose, poise, and integrity. After a near death experience, Raphael took some time off to spend time with his wife Hadley, and their new child.


Not a "red" or a "blue" but somewhere right in the middle.

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Meet the Vice PResident

Bella Garcia

After high school, Bella became a social worker as a profession concerning individuals, families, groups, and communities in an effort to enhance their social functioning and overall well-being. During this time she also joined an animal liberation group to coordinate a fundraiser to save animals. After three consecutive years, she released a video that introduces animals whose lives have just changed forever after she helped them. She met Raphael while he was adopting a dog from her. They discussed their stances and politics and realized they have similar views. Bella decided to work with Raphael to help his campaign and is now running for vice president alongside him.

MeetThe campaign manager

Torrey FitzRandolph

Torrey FitzRandolph graduated from CSU after getting her business degree. After years of gaining experience as a business owner, she decided to continue her studies by learning about politics and current global issues. She then worked for the Senate and became involved in policy. This helped her gain respect around the Capitol. She then took her experience and used her business skills as well as her knowledge of politics to become the manager of Raphael’s Presidential Campaign.

Meet the Press Secretary

Katie Stephens

Born in 1982, Katelyn earned an early introduction to politics by campaigning for her father who became Colorado governor in 1998. She served as national political director for her father's 2008 presidential bid, eventually moving on to prominent roles for Senate Bob Ross in 2005 and presidential candidate Ross Bob in 2011. After joining Raphael Martin’s successful presidential campaign in 2019, Katelyn was named deputy press secretary prior to the start of the new administration when she officially took over as press secretary. She maintains her role as press secretary, while also raising her newborn baby, Rozalin.

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